About Ruud Lekx/Rude 66

I was first asked to take care of mastering a record in 2009 because of the sound of my own releases. I learned the dark secrets of vinyl behaviour from people like Rinus Hooning at the Record Industry pressing plant in Haarlem NL, and other old skool vinyl cutters.
In the last 12 years I have mastered close to 700 singles, 12" EP's, and albums in various formats.
Unlike most mastering engineers, i have a firm background in DIY and underground music and (vinyl) releases as a fan and artist, so I know what those should sound like, or rather NOT sound like.
I'll make sure your tracks sound great, but will keep any lo-fi grit or dirt. I can even add a dose of this through my collection of vintage machines, including valve tape recorders.

Will I master your music? That highly depends. I am not a generic mastering engineer that does anything, i believe in specializing, so I only work on music I understand, and personally enjoy listening to. I also work mainly with small independent labels, or labels that are basically hobby projects. I'll give your release the attention it deserves, no matter how big or small the project is. Check the list of labels on the site here, and see if that comes close to your material. Or look at my general mastering criteria lists below:


All kinds of underground music


Acid (house)



Italo disco

Wave, new wave

Minimal synth

Cold/dark/synth wave

Industrial (old and new)

Disco edits

Drone/ambient/berlin school

Synth pop






All kinds of commercial music

Chart pop


Top 40 rock

Major label alternative music

Most jazz/classical


Children’s songs