May 23 update

Some very big and exciting news about the mastering studio soon, stay tuned… Working on/ Finished masters: the Human Rebellion EP on LDI Records, very cool electro synthpop album from Canadian Siviyex, a Dutch language album, somewhat experimental/electronic by Donderdag, the TV Out EP on Spanish Seed label, new material on Pinkman and sublabels by Ricardo Laine (tape/digi), Bertran, and after the summer a banging Credit 00 2×12″, and more material dug up from places you don’t want to know on old cassettes from Top Tape’s head Honcho Menko Konings. Released: The Hacker- Red Team (Mindri MIN303), Chino- Common Oddity (Mindri 304), Pluto Junkies- Contact (digi only, i believe binyl is coming) Mindri 305), the really rather wonderful Ceremonie EP on Enfant Terrible/ Gooiland, the Teratology 2×12″by Andrew Lagowski on Spanish Fill-Lex (remember him from Nagamatzu), Adore’s The Endless Never on cd (!) on Kess Kill, and finally the vinyl version of the Dancing as an act of rebellion 2lp by Abraxas (soil020)