Vinyl Mastering

Vinyl mastering is my specialty. Anything from 7″ singles to triple albums. Focus is always on dynamics and sound quality, not just crazy loud volume. Next to mastering itself, I can also run your tracks through one of several vintage analogue tape recorders, listen to/ approve your test pressings, etc.. Most at no extra costs.

Always have test pressings made when you do a release! It can save you a lot of trouble.


Digital/ CD Mastering

If you want digital masters for Bandcamp, Spotify, etc., or masters for a cd, that is also possible. These can be combined with vinyl masters as well in a package deal. I also do mastering for cassettes.


Tape/ Cassette/ Vinyl transfer and Restoration

If you only have an analogue source, i can do transfers to Digital. I have a DAT recorder to play tapes, a Minidisc player, cassette decks, various formats of reel-to-reel machines (these can also be used to “warm up” your masters) and I can do HQ vinyl transfers if that is the only source left of a certain track. This happens more than you think, because especially in the DIY genre of music, master tapes were not always saved or ended up in leaky basements to rot away.
These transfers can then be restored and (re) mastered. I do remasters of vintage material, but always with the sound of the original recording in mind. With modern digital techniques, it’s amazing what you sometimes find on tapes. I have recovered whole instrument tracks no one knew were on the recordings…


A word about Equipment

Most mastering websites will have a huge list of all expensive gear that’s available. While I love talking about gear, I don’t do that here because it says nothing about the final results. Sometimes a free plugin gets a better result than a 6000 Euro limiter.

I have collected equipment since the 1980’s, so while there are plenty of cool and rare vintage EQ’s, compressors, recorders, etc. available, these may not always be the best tools for a specific job. So I also use software and plugins.
One thing I will mention: my main monitor system is made by PMC.

12 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

2-3 week turnaround

Dedicated Support