december 22 update

Working on/ Finished Masters: Police Des Moeurs, LFT, Andi & Machino, Jing &Chromium Industries albums on MNQ, Colt EP (cassette from France) Fallbeil album (Macadam Mambo) t/Error 2EP on Dutch electro label LDI, Adore digi remix EP (Kess Kill) Macho Diva EP (Electronic emergencies), 3×7″ on Soil/Seed Records including a Rude 66 remix of a track by mr. Sololust, Haus of Beats HOB009. The Chromium Industries 2lp includes 1 album which required a lot of wav file restoration, and there is another one coming on the same label that also needs pretty extensive polish work. These are fun to do but oh so time consuming.
Released: Sexo Y Fantasio LP and Axel Larsen 10″ on Macadam Mambo, Ian Martin cassette album on Confused Machines, DVS NME on Tiger Weeds 10″ from Greece (upcoming) and the Jim Marlon Magas album on Midwich
Test pressings: DVS NME EP (10″ TGRWDS01)

Also last post of 2022, thank you to all labels and artist who trusted me with their music. let’s hope 2023 will get back to normal a bit. see you next year!